To meet the objectives of good governance and efficient management, the Board of the Academy will formalise the following policies and regulations in the first two years of operation.

Training Programme Policies

  • Entry Requirements
  • Official Language
  • Award of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees
  • Certification of New Training Programmes
  • Certification of New Training Modules
  • Training Programmes (admissions, duration, ECTS, ECVET, learning outcomes)
  • Short Course Awards
  • Undergraduate Awards
  • Postgraduate Awards
  • Internal Quality Processes External Quality Audit Preparation

Examination and Assessment Policies

  • Examination and Assessment
  • System of Assigning Codes for Study-Units
  • Comparability with Admission Requirements
  • Proceedings of the Assessment and Examination Disciplinary Board
  • Student Attitude and Behaviour
  • Student Attendance Plagiarism

Student Policies

  • Student Experience Survey
  • Suitability to Practise Student Discipline

Staff Policies

  • Recruitment of Educators, qualification and skills requirements
  • Conditions of Employment and Remuneration
  • Suitability to Practice Staff Discipline

Administration Policies

  • Human Resources Policies: recruitment, staff development, progression, disciplinary action
  • Finance Policies: Management Accounts, Budgeting, Procurement, Salaries
  • Precincts Policy
  • Web Policy
  • Information Technology Policy

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