Board of the Academy

​The Board is the highest governing body of the of the Academy. The Board is responsible to discharge the functions conferred to it by the Academy for Disciplined Forces Act (Cap 559 of the Laws of Malta).

The Board is composed of the Chairperson, representatives of the Armed Forces of Malta, Corradino Correctional Facility, Department of Civil Protection, Malta Police Force, Malta College of Arts Science and Technology, University of Malta and two other members.

The members of the Board are appointed for a renewable term of 3 years. The Board meets once a month and the quorum is set at 5 members including the presiding officer. The Board may regulate its own procedure and may appoint ad hoc committees. ​The decisions of the Board shall be taken by a majority of the votes of the members present and voting. In the case of equal votes, the person presiding shall have a casting vote.

The functions and duties of the Board are to:
  • Develop the direction, strategy and image of the Academy;

  • Administer and control the resources, facilities and property, both movable and immovable, of the Academy including the procurement and utilization of resources for the running of the Academy;

  • Assist and advise the Commandant in achieving a level of excellence in the standards of the Academy’s courses and programmes;

  • Assist the Director of Studies in ensuring that the Academy adheres to the requirements of the National Commission for Higher Education and the Malta Qualifications Council, as provided in this Act or to any regulation made thereunder and to national policies and strategies in education and national security as adopted by Government from time to time;

  • Review and approve training programmes, study units and courses submitted by the Academic Committee for inclusion or deletion from the Academy’s training and educational framework;

  • Determine, in accordance with the requirements of the Malta Qualifications Framework, the conditions for admission into a programme or course provided by the Academy;

  • Provide appropriate procedures for the assessment and certification of learners;

  • Issue guidelines and establish procedures concerning the performance and the conduct of students, educators and other persons entrusted with rendering any service at the Academy, whether engaged by an indefinite or a definite contract of service, or by a contract for service, or if seconded or on loan to the Academy by Government, disciplined forces, public or private entities;

  • Issue guidelines to establish rules relating to any programme or course provided by the Academy;

  • Ensure that proper academic and training levels are retained and improved upon;

  • Establish internal quality assurance schemes as required by this Act or by any regulation made thereunder and required auditing procedures for the operations of the Academy; 

  • Undertake any other function assigned to it by the Minister from time to time.

The Board approves the curricula and syllabi submitted by the Academic Committee and, where it deems it so necessary, to revert the same to such Academic Committee together with its advice about any proposed amendments.

The Board ensure that the awards of the Academy are recognised both at a national and at an international level, and that, wherever applicable, are related to the standards established in the Malta Qualifications Framework.


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