Academic Committee

​The Academic Committee is composed of 5 official members:
     Director of Studies as Chair of the Academic Committee
     Member from the Academic Staff
     Two Members from the Board
     Member appointed by the Minister 

Other attendees: Registrar, who is bound to attend meetings of the Academic Committee as stipulated in the Act governing the Academy; and the Secretary of the Academic Committee.

The Academic Committee meets at least every 4 weeks and the quorum for the meetings shall be of 3 members 

The Academic Committee is responsible for the general direction of the provision of programmes and courses of the Academy, and has the following functions:

  1. Propose to the Board the programmes and courses to be provided by the Academy, when the Board deems it necessary, after commissioning a training needs assessment and in every case following a consultation with interested stakeholders, regarding the curricula of such programmes and courses; 

  2. Propose to the Board guidelines regarding programmes and courses provided by the Academy, documentation and examinations at the Academy and to establish such awards and distinctions for such candidates satisfying the applicable conditions on completion of the programmes and courses; 

  3. Verify the assessment procedures used by the Academy are in conformity with the approved academic policies of the Academy; 

  4. Establish, subject to the provisions of this Act and of any regulations made thereunder, the entry conditions to programmes and courses of the Academy; 

  5. Nominate Maltese or foreign examiners according to pre-established guidelines and procedures to the Board for its approval; 

  6. Recognise, following a recommendation by the competent authorities, according to the Act, such qualifications, awards and distinctions of other education providers for the purpose of access into a programme or course at the Academy; 

  7. Deal with any other matter which refers to education and training and as may arise in the administration of the Academy.​

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