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At the Academy for Disciplined Forces, knowledge dissemination and research projects are carried out with the aim of improving and developing the curriculum and the disciplined professions. All activities are implemented with the objective of improving disciplined practices and enhancing education and training. Implementing knowledge on organisational best practices is a priority. To achieve this goal, the Academy maintains contact with other educational and training institutions.
The Academy engages in continuous curriculum development based on research regarding international best practice, regular training needs analysis for the disciplined forces and foresight planning of future national and international requirements for enforcement, security, safety and protection.
The Academy spans different Disciplined Forces, which can share operational and organisational knowledge that is relevant to their context. The Academy is in a sound position to play a central role in the process of knowledge sharing. It can assist by developing knowledge through research and by helping in the implementation of this knowledge. The academy is also closely linked with the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and the University of Malta to enrich its knowledge base.
As the number of training staff at the Academy grows, it will be able to offer services whereby research is carried out by staff. Services may include independent research programmes, which link the disciplined services and academic teachings. Examples of projects would be surveys on public awareness of recruitment, public perception of the forces, student experience surveys, employee satisfaction and engagement, process improvement, key performance indicators benchmarking of good practices, and project based reporting.
The Academy will explore avenues of funding for special projects through international funds including Erasmus+.​ ​​

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