Mission and Values

The mission of the Academy for Disciplined Forces is to provide 
holistic high level education, training and professional formation
through accredited, level rated, quality assessed programmes 
which offer internal and transversal career pathways 
on a national and international level in the fields of 
enforcement, protection, safety and security.

The Academy for Disciplined Forces strives to be a pro-active autonomous institution, offering customised education and training programmes in the context of an evolving society and national requirements. 

The objectives of the Academy for Disciplined Forces are set by legislation Chapter 559 of the Laws of Malta to:

  1. Provide high quality training related to the professional formation and enhancement of skills, attitudes and practices that are used in the daily professional lives of the Disciplined Forces taking into account the diverse contexts;

  2. Provide training and educational opportunities to promote continuous professional development for members of Disciplined Forces that support departmental policies and reflect individual career development;

  3. Develop prospects for national and international cooperation allowing members of the Disciplined Forces opportunities for specialist education and training in key areas. This includes developing cooperation networks with international and national partners to encourage knowledge transfer through exchange, internship and placement programmes;

  4. Develop of educational and thematic programmes beyond the framework of structured curricula, such as research initiatives and projects, conferences, seminars, publications and other events, for members of the disciplined forces, international representatives from disciplined forces, academic students and members of the public;

  5. Provide courses and programmes of learning including work experience that lead to recognised qualifications in accordance with the Malta Qualifications Framework in skills and professions as may be necessary for the disciplined forces;
  6. Carry out of any other function that is related to or ancillary to the above.

The Academy embraces the values of fundamental human rights, justice, diligence, integrity, ethics and honesty as the underlying framework of the content of its education and training programmes. With respect to the way it operates, the Academy upholds the values of student centeredness, professional development and scholarship, respect, diversity, pluralism, innovation, flexibility and team collaboration. ​​​

Contact Information:

Academy for Disciplined Forces
Mqabba Road
Siġġiewi SGW 2606
+356 2269 0541

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