The Academy for Disciplined Forces is an autonomous educational institution set up to carry out training and professional development of members of the Disciplined Forces in Malta, including the Armed Forces of Malta, Civil Protection Department, Corradino Correctional Facilities and Malta Police Force.


The Academy ensures the Disciplined Forces attract and employ the best candidates for its recruitment programmes, and provides opportunities for continuous career development. Through education and training the Academy promotes a high level of specialised skills, expertise, professional behaviour and attitudes within the Disciplined Forces.


The Academy embraces the values of fundamental human rights, justice, diligence, integrity, ethics and honesty as the underlying framework of the content of its education and training programmes. With respect to the way it operates, the Academy upholds the values of student-centeredness, professional development and scholarship, respect, diversity, pluralism, innovation, flexibility and team collaboration. 

Academy for Disciplined Forces
Mqabba Road
Siġġiewi SGW 2606

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+356 2269 0541

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